Making the Case for Capitalism

Outside the New York Stock Exchange in 2015 (Carlo Allegri/Reuters)
Capital Matters is here to explain, defend, and celebrate the greatest force for prosperity in the world.

Capitalism has done more to reduce poverty and increase prosperity across the planet than any other system. And yet it finds itself under attack — from across the political spectrum, and, more frequently than you would expect, from within: Some of capitalism’s (or, more specifically, shareholder capitalism’s) fiercest critics are now to be found in the C-suite.

That’s why, last year, National Review Institute (NRI), the nonprofit think tank that supports National Review’s mission, established Capital Matters as a project to explain, defend, and celebrate capitalism, both in print and beyond it.

Capital Matters’s hub is its position on the page. There, aided and abetted by our senior adviser Kevin Hassett, NRI’s Thomas L. Rhodes fellow Daniel Tenreiro, and I oversee the publication of a flow of articles focused on finance, economics, and business, including a good number written by authors who had never before (or only rarely) contributed to National Review. We aim to bring in new readers, too.

We also produce a four-days-a-week newsletter, the Capital Note; a weekly newsletter, the Capital Letter (both are emailed out to newsletter subscribers: It’s complimentary!); and a weekly podcast, the Capital Record, hosted by financier and NRI trustee David L. Bahnsen. We have held webinars, of which the most recent was a discussion on inflation between economist Kevin Hassett and Rich Lowry, and, with the pandemic receding, are slowly resuming a program of in-person lunch and evening meetings, which will extend well beyond the Acela Corridor.

This work is only possible thanks to NRI, and thus the generous support of its donors. Through our general membership (starting at $250) and our 1955 Society membership (starting at $1,000), NRI has created a robust community of supporters across the country. With the end of our fiscal year around the corner, we are asking for your philanthropic support of our cause before June 30. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to NRI to sustain our educational and outreach programs that amplify conservative ideas, including the defense of free markets — and the freedom and the prosperity that they make possible.

In recent years, it has seemed to us that the case for capitalism is being lost by default. Outside of this enterprise, arguments for free markets are not being made where they should be made, when they should be made, and by whom they should be made, with consequences that are already becoming visible, and not in a good way. Our objective is to help remedy that absence by being a voice — and a platform for voices — where now there is all, too frequently, silence.

Please join us by giving a tax-deductible contribution before June 30. We are grateful for your support and encouragement.


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