Seriously, Take the Masks Off Kids Now

Students board the bus at Kratzer Elementary School in Allentown, Pa., April 13, 2021. (Hannah Beier/Reuters)
This is becoming a sick joke.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A re we really going to keep masking children? Temperatures are rising, kids are playing outdoors, and our public-health experts — including Dr. Anthony Fauci — are suggesting that schoolchildren will still be wearing masks when schools reopen in August and September this year.

This is becoming a sick joke. As vaccination rates climb over 60 and 70 percent in the most populous counties of the United States, the risk of any single person getting COVID-19 is dropping precipitously. The risk for children is practically nonexistent.

This week in Hauppauge on Long Island, groups of parents started organizing to demand that Governor Andrew

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