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Standing Athwart Today’s Cultural Revolution

National Review founder William F. Buckley Jr. (National Review)
We can work to preserve the principles and ideas that make our nation truly exceptional.

Too many conservatives are being silenced — either by cancellation, or by fear of retribution. From the Ivory Tower to the boardroom, we are witnessing an enforced conformity unparalleled in our history. Speech is being stifled before our very eyes. Failed progressive orthodoxies are being exalted without question or reservation, while yesterday’s wisdom is falsely deemed racist, colonialist, sexist, or bigoted by the self-anointed enlightened few.

At National Review Institute, we are in the ideas business. With Bill Buckley as our guiding sage, we unwaveringly believe in reason, logic, and debate. And that’s exactly what we provide — through educational programs and outreach efforts, we present the most compelling, persuasive, and positive arguments for a free society to increasing numbers of Americans all across the country.

As the nonprofit journalistic think tank supporting the National Review mission, we continue the conversation beyond the pages of the magazine; we amplify conservative ideas through conferences and seminars; we teach the foundations of conservative thought through our Burke to Buckley program; we reach young people through NRI On Campus and our newly launched WFB Communicators Program; and we train and equip young writers interested in conservative opinion journalism.

But this work is only possible thanks to generous donations from members of the NR Nation. With the end of our fiscal year around the corner, we are asking for your philanthropic support of our cause before June 30. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to NRI to sustain our educational and outreach programs that amplify conservative ideas.

Through our general membership (starting at $250) and our 1955 Society membership (starting at $1,000), we have created a robust community of supporters across the country — Americans committed to the principles William F. Buckley Jr. championed throughout his lifetime: individual liberty, free speech, religious freedom, strong national defense, limited government, and free markets.

During this censorial period, members can seek refuge at NRI programs and events: our virtual Burke to Buckley courses, book club, movie club, 1955 Society webinars and meetings, and in-person salons and forums (yes, we are now back on the road and hope to see you soon!).

There is strength in numbers. Together, we can push back against this dangerous cultural revolution — we can stand athwart history yelling, Stop! And we can work to preserve the principles and ideas that make our nation truly exceptional.

Please join us by giving a tax-deductible contribution before June 30. We are grateful for your philanthropic support, and all that you do for our movement.


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