The Backlash against Critical Race Theory Is Real

A protester carries a Black Lives Matter flag in Elizabeth City, N.C., April 27, 2021. (Jonathan Drake/Reuters)
No matter how much progressives want to claim otherwise, parents are genuinely concerned about a divisive worldview being imposed on their children.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE R eturning once again to the shallow well from which she has pulled the majority of her journalistic water, The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer suggested last week that the escalating pushback against critical race theory “has all the red flags of an dark money astroturf campaign.” We are stuck, it seems, in Stage One of the Kübler-Ross Scale of Progressive Political Grief.

If they wish to, figures such as Mayer can spend the next few years insisting that the resistance to critical race theory that we are seeing from parents across the country is little more than a mirage. Fingers firmly in

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