The Lovable Police State?

Soldiers of the ‘People’s Liberation Army’ in China listen to a speech at the ‘Great Hall of the People’ in Beijing, July 9, 2008. (Claro Cortes IV / Reuters)
Chairman Xi wants the world’s love and respect, but he’ll be satisfied just to get his way.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE C hinese supremo Xi Jinping has announced a new goal for Chinese diplomacy: that the People’s Republic of China should come to be regarded by the rest of the world as “trustworthy, lovable, and respectable.”


Lovable is going to be a stretch for a totalitarian police state that operates concentration camps for religious minorities and gulags for political prisoners. When you are a remorseless autocrat, looking like Winnie the Pooh is only going to get you so far on the lovability front.

The other two adjectives won’t be a lot easier.

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