The Trap underneath Identity Politics

Flag at a protest against Trump administration transgender policies in New York City, 2018 (Brendan McDermid/Reuters)
The experience of becoming what you were meant to be can only be a delusion in a materialist existence.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE U nited Kingdom singer and influencer Oli London came out as “Korean” after having what he called “racial transition surgery.”

Commenting on it, Mary Harrington said that under-25s believe “editing their meat avatar” is an extension of human rights. “The core contest now,” she wrote, “is over what the accepted balance is between inner self-perception and the immutable, objective outer self.” And this is the heart of the problem:

Harrington tells us to expect “the political demands that flow from this digital refashioning of personhood to become more insistent and irresistible.”

That seems to be the direction things are heading. Maybe it is true


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