Two Pebbles in Putin’s Jackboot

An activist sets up a paper wall depicting Russian President Vladimir Putin and Czech President Milos Zeman during a flash mob event in front of Prague Castle in Prague, Czech Republic, February 24, 2019. (David W Cerny/Reuters)
The United States is a great power without great credibility — a geopolitical giant that nobody can quite trust.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE V ladimir Putin has published his new naughty list, and, remarkably, it has only two countries on it: One is the United States — but you saw that coming — and the other is the Czech Republic.

Two peas in a pod? Or two pebbles in the same jackboot?

Czech–Russian relations have hit a rough spot, with Czech authorities recently having disclosed that a 2014 explosion at a Czech munitions depot was the work of Russian agents, an operation most likely run out of the Russian embassy in Prague, a beehive of covert action that has everything but a “GRU” sign in front

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