A Pictorial Tour of America’s State Capitols

David Ottenstein, View of the Exterior of the Commonwealth of Virginia Capitol, Richmond, 2015, Thomas Jefferson, architect, 1785-88, archival pigment ink print. (Photo courtesy of the artist)
Eclectic architecture, often overlooked, depicted in a new portfolio of photographs.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A few weeks ago, I heard about the unusual work of two photographers from New Haven, Robert Lisak and David Ottenstein. They’ve gone around the country photographing the capitols in every state, preparing a book of their work. It’s not especially stimulated by any current event — the buildings date from 1772 to 1969 — but the country’s 250th birthday is, after all, coming in a few short years. The artists were drawn by the architectural diversity of these buildings. They were enormous points of local pride when they were created, often in the newly designated capitals of just-admitted states.

An exhibition

(Photos courtesy of the artist)


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