Another False Narrative on Election Reforms in Texas

Vice President Kamala Harris meets with Democratic members of the Texas state legislature who fled the state in an effort to slow changes to election laws and voter access, in Washington, D.C., July 13, 2021. (Jonathan Ernst /Reuters)
Once again, Democrats are grossly mischaracterizing a proposed voting law.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE B eing more familiar with Texas’s election laws than the average person, I’ve become accustomed to watching as the narrative on proposed reforms diverges wildly from the facts on the ground. Such was the case when local media made preposterous claims about the Texas legislature’s elimination of “rolling voting” in 2019. Then there were the demonstrably false claims that Governor Abbott had engaged in voter-suppression tactics during the November 2020 election. Today, the topic is the election-integrity reform that was filed in the first called session of the 87th Texas legislature. As Texas Democrats, after having bolted from the state capital,

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Russell H. Withers is the general counsel and the director of policy at the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute, a public-policy think tank based in Austin, Texas.


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