Artists Master the Basics at the Florence Academy of Art

Beginning Sculpture (first year) student Alaina Fisher in the early stages of her first portrait in clay. (Courtesy Florence Academy of Art)
It’s the rare school that teaches core skills such as drawing, with an emphasis on the spirit and rules of Classicism.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T o achieve anything that lasts, talent, skill, and discipline are essentials. I can’t say what means the most. I know lots of sloths with talent, and they’re fun at parties. And the meticulously skilled, though without vision or pizzazz, well, they make the trains run on time. Skill, though, what I would call a mastery of technique, seems decisive. It’s not only facility with tools, and the eye’s a tool, but it’s materials. Developing that facility takes concentration and thought as well as hones intention. Even when talent’s a physical gift — like the flexibility of the hands that Picasso,

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