Cleveland’s Guardians of the Bland Bury Its Baseball History

The National Anthem and flyover before the 2019 MLB All-Star Game at Progressive Field, Cleveland, Ohio, July 9, 2019 (David Richard/USA TODAY Sports)
The name change for the Indians reinforces the message that the lords of the sport care more about the opinions of liberal commentators than fans.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he Cleveland Indians have junked a century of tradition to rename their team with the bland title “Guardians.” This is done as a nod to the sensitivities of virtually nobody who lives in Cleveland or roots for the team. There was no serious popular groundswell for this decision. Like the All-Star Game’s boycott of Atlanta, it reinforces the message that the lords of baseball care more about the opinions of a handful of left-wing sportswriters on Twitter and ESPN than they do about the people who actually buy tickets and watch the games.

Unlike “Redskins,” the name “Indians” is not commonly

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