The Getty Villa: A Study in Beauty and Wonder

Outer Peristyle at the Getty Villa. (Photo: Tahnee L. Cracchiola. ©2018 J. Paul Getty Trust)
The Villa’s very beautiful indeed, but it’s also an intellectually rigorous place with art of high quality.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE G reetings from Los Angeles. I haven’t been here for years. I’ve been visiting museums and, yes, went to the beach in Malibu. The COVID Trots rule supreme here, tracking and tracing like crazed, masked maenads. After the tightest lockdowns in the country, lasting more than a year, things are inching toward yet another as Los Angeles County has returned the indoor mask mandate. “There you go again,” Ronald Reagan would say with a smile and nod.

California’s harsh COVID regime accomplished nothing good, insofar as fighting the Chinese coronavirus. Its numbers are worse than most states using a lighter touch rather

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