Biden’s Dangerous, Bumbling Afghanistan Doctrine

President Joe Biden gestures as he delivers remarks on the administration’s continued drawdown efforts in Afghanistan in a speech from the East Room at the White House in Washington D.C., July 8, 2021. (Evelyn Hockstein/Reuters)
With the Taliban back in power, he’s not telling the nation what our mission is now.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L istening to President Biden on Monday rationalize the mess he has made of Afghanistan has to be extraordinarily frustrating for people who do not closely follow politics and policy — the bad history, the goalpost-shifting, and the delusional assessments of where things stand.

To hear Biden tell it, the stark alternative he inherited upon assuming office was either to follow through with former president Donald Trump’s terrible deal with the Taliban (and he’s right that it really was terrible) or to “escalate” into a hot war with the Taliban, as a proxy for the weak-willed Afghans who would neither fight for

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