Hungary: An Overweighted Symbol

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán addresses a business conference in Budapest, Hungary, June 9, 2021. (Bernadett Szabo/Reuterss)
Into a void of ignorance about the country, liberals and conservatives project frightening or hopeful things.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE S o Tucker Carlson is in Hungary this week. He had a brief meeting with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and he seems to be using the August lull in the news cycle to teach his audience about Orbán’s form of politics, which are conservative, nationalist, and activist. Orbán’s party talks about preserving Hungary’s Christian character, it opposed mass migration into Hungary in the middle of the last decade, and it has tried dramatic experiments in state inducements to childbirth.

The occasion of Carlson’s presence there is one that will be used by liberals and some conservatives to say a lot of insane

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