Mesopotamia Show at the Getty Teaches History, with Style

Wall Panel with a Striding Lion, neo-Babylonian period 605–562 B.C. Glazed brick. Object: H: 99.7 × W: 230.5 × D: 12.1 cm, 303.91 kg (39 1/4 × 90 3/4 × 4 3/4 in., 670 lb.) (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fletcher Fund, 1931 (31.13.1) Image: VEX.2020.1.2)
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NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I n Mesopotamia: Civilization Begins, the new exhibition at the Getty Villa, the Getty does indeed start at the very beginning. At a place in what we now call Iraq, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and between 3400 and 3000 b.c., urban life began as well as writing and sophisticated architecture. It’s an impressive show. It’s both gorgeous and coherent, and I’m finding this combination rarer and rarer. The scholarship is first-rate and conveyed clearly and accessibly in a catalogue that’s now a core reference. The Getty collaborated with the Louvre on the project. It’s one of only a handful

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