A Fine Armory Show Signals a Return to Normal Life

Josiah McElheny, A Twilight Labyrinth (Distillation), 2020. Handblown mirrored glass, transparent and low-iron industrial mirror, blue mirror, oak, blue dye and stain, electric lighting, hardware, architectural intervention made of sheet rock, metal studs, plaster and latex paint. 24 x 31 1/2 x 24 in., 61 x 80 x 61 cm. (Photo courtesy of James Cohan Gallery)
It's well organized, but blustery, gaudy art doesn’t fit the state of the world.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I had a long, happy visit to the Armory Show in New York last Friday. It’s the first in-person art fair I’ve attended in New York — or anywhere — since late February 2020, when I spent a few hours at, coincidentally, the Armory Show. I wrote about it at the time. The Chinese coronavirus had just reached America, Purell was aplenty, people were nervous but at the anxious-giggle stage. The show went on, with dealers from Hong Kong, Tehran, and a hundred other places. Schools were open, workers worked in places called offices, the federal debt was $5

(Photo: Casey Kelbaugh)

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