Biden Compounds Disgrace with Willful Blindness about Our Jihadist Enemies

Taliban soldiers pose for a photo in Kabul, Afghanistan September 1, 2021. (WANA/Reuters)
If we don’t open our eyes to the ideology driving the violence, we’re never going to prevent terrorist acts.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P resident Biden has disgracefully ceded Afghanistan to the Taliban, betraying our government’s first obligation to protect Americans. He left behind hundreds of American citizens, as well as who knows how many thousands of green-card holders and Afghans who assisted our government the past 20 years. Having committed too little of our $710 billion-per-annum military to carry out his evacuation order responsibly, Biden reneged on his vow to get them out.

The president has also abandoned the counterterrorism mission of denying anti-American jihadists sanctuary and operational partnership with the jihadist Taliban regime. Thus, he has imperiled the homeland and virtually guaranteed terrorist

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