Olana and Grant Cottage: New York State’s Park Department Treasures

Frederic Church called the viewa from Olana his “muse.” (Photo: Peter Aaron OTTO)
Public/private partnerships make historic sites stronger.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, I wrote about Olana, Frederic Church’s High Victorian home near Hudson in Upstate New York. I focused on its unique interior, inspired by Church’s travel to the Near East and Greece in the 1860s and very much an eclectic, eccentric home. Church (1826-1900) was the renowned painter of New England and Upstate panoramas and sweeping South American views, but he was a visionary landscape architect, too, and designed Olana mostly on his own.

Specialized education has its purpose and strengths, but Church was self-taught and, as a landscape painter, felt confident in his skills and taste as he tackled

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