Saving Democracy Doesn’t Mean Doing Everything Democrats Want

Former president Donald Trump speaks during a rally in Cullman, Ala., August 21, 2021. (Marvin Gentry/Reuters)
Robert Kagan’s bargain for conservatives who might be concerned about Trump’s efforts at electoral subversion is simple: Yield to the Left.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hen the future of the American republic is at stake, there is only one thing we can do: Give Democrats what they want. Or so you might think after reading Robert Kagan’s Washington Post essay “Our constitutional crisis is already here.” In Kagan’s reckoning, Donald Trump’s continued hold on the Republican Party, his persistence in believing that he won the 2020 election but it was stolen from him, the state-level actions of Republican lawmakers, the expectation that he will run again, the weaknesses of the Democratic Party, and the likely gain of congressional power by Republicans all mean that we

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