The Getty Museum’s Good Citizenship and Groundbreaking L.A. Art

Outer Peristyle at the Getty Villa. (Photo: Elon Schoenholz. © 2018 J. Paul Getty Trust)
Burned by a scandal over stolen antiquities, the Getty now leads the way in transparency and philanthropy.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast year, I wrote about Getty staff’s tantrums after the Floyd murder in Minneapolis. An entitled, surly, ungrateful, and, I suspect, large part of the Getty staff badgered the Getty’s top brass to endorse and then to celebrate the Black Lives Matter racket. The Getty’s leadership wisely declined at first, understanding that BLM is not a mantra but a brand, an organization, and a fundraising machine about which we still know very little. The Getty, as a nonprofit, mustn’t get involved in politics. The death of the fentanyl addict and violent ex-con Floyd, however filmed and gruesome, was a matter

(Photo: Elizabeth Daniels, © J. Paul Getty Trust)

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