The Media Shouldn’t Make Ivermectin a Culture-War Football

A box of the drug Ivermectine is pictured on the counter of a pharmacy, as the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Paris, France, April 28, 2020. (Benoit Tessier/Reuters)
The barrage of criticism directed at podcast host Joe Rogan for touting the possible COVID treatment has been ill-informed and unwarranted.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I’ ve always been skeptical of the censorship of scientists and others who have differing views on COVID. The three primary signers of the Great Barrington Declaration opposing lockdowns are noted experts from Harvard, Oxford, and Stanford. But they’ve been subjected to unbelievable abuse and doxxing.

That’s why I’m leery of the media barrage of criticism that last week was directed at Joe Rogan, the podcast host with 13.1 million followers, after he announced that he’d tested positive for COVID but has recovered thanks to a cocktail of medical treatments. Rogan is not anti-vaccine, but he decided to throw the “kitchen sink”

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