The Real Story in Durham’s Indictment of Democratic Lawyer Michael Sussmann

Then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Green Bay, Wis., in August 2016. (Eric Thayer/Reuters)
The special counsel’s final report on the Clinton campaign’s manufacturing of the Trump–Russia collusion narrative will be very interesting reading.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T here is a long game and a short game going on in special counsel John Durham’s indictment of Democratic Party lawyer Michael Sussmann on a false-statements count.

The short of it is this: A false statement was allegedly made by Sussmann to the FBI’s then-general counsel, James Baker, on September 19, 2016. In federal law, the false-statement crime has a five-year statute of limitations, meaning it had to be charged by this Sunday (September 19, 2021). Consequently, even if Durham would probably have preferred to wait until his full investigation was concluded before filing indictments, by delaying beyond Sunday, he would

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