The Tragic Hero of American Sports: Muhammad Ali in All His Glory

Muhammad Ali receives a warm reception as he travels through Louisville to participate in the opening of the 1975 Black Expo in West End, Louisville, Ky. October 16, 1975. (Keith Williams/Louisville Courier Journal - USA TODAY NETWORK)
As many times as this story has been told, it will never be told better than in the enthralling eight-hour Ken Burns documentary.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE ‘W hat’s my name?” Muhammad Ali kept asking, with his fists as well as his mouth. Here’s one to the jaw.

“What’s my name?” Bam. Here’s one to the eye.

“What’s my name?” Ali wanted to know, putting the question to Ernie Terrell in a gruesome February 1967 championship dismantling. Terrell, in pre-fight interviews, had insisted on calling Ali by his birth name, Cassius Clay. Ali had decided that was his “slave name,” although it was really his father’s name, and before that the name of a famous Kentucky abolitionist. Ali said he would punish Terrell for deliberately misnaming him, and made good

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