Turning the Tide in the Pacific

The U.S. Navy Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Greenville enters Diego Garcia’s harbor, August 21, 2020. (Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Michael T. Porterfield/US Navy)
Our new diplomatic-and-military partnership with the U.K. and Australia is a smart way to weaken China. But we should be wary of alienating EU allies.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A UKUS may sound like something that would give Harry Potter trouble, but it is meant to be something that will give Xi Jinping trouble.

The newly announced Australia/United Kingdom/United States diplomatic-and-military partnership in the Pacific is a big deal conceptually, in that it is the seed of a NATO of the Indo-Pacific, and practically, in that the opening move of the new bloc will be providing Australia with nuclear submarines.

Nuclear submarines are awesome military tools, and Australia’s possession of them will change, to some degree, the power dynamics of the South Pacific. Here the United States is engaged in realistic power

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