China’s Newly Elected U.N. Torture Committee ‘Expert’ Is an Evangelist for ‘Xi Jinping Thought’

Pro-China supporters wave Chinese flags to celebrate Chinese National Day, in Hong Kong, China, October 1, 2021. (Tyrone Siu/Reuters)
Chinese diplomats celebrated Huawen Liu’s victory at the U.N., a boon to China’s efforts to get international organizations to justify its brutal policies.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE A t the U.N. this week, Washington’s return to the Human Rights Council got more attention, but China made a quiet play that will allow it to redefine human rights amid the Chinese Communist Party’s brutality in Xinjiang and beyond.

Beijing won reelection to the council last year; the body’s obvious, egregious flaws are old news. On Tuesday Chinese diplomats celebrated their latest gains within the U.N. system via the election of a Chinese academic to the U.N.’s Committee against Torture. “Looking forward to his continuous contributions to the work of the Committee,” read a tweet posted by China’s mission to the

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The Dossier Deceit

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