Joe Biden Abandons Due Process

Students walk between classes on the Locust Walk on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pa., September 25, 2017. (Charles Mostoller/Reuters)
The Biden administration is taking a dive to let crucial Trump-administration Title IX reforms lapse.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE Y ou wouldn’t expect your worst critic to defend your reputation. And you wouldn’t trust an opposing team to present your case to an umpire or referee. Likewise, you wouldn’t trust the Biden administration to defend one of the signature achievements of the Trump administration. But that’s the perilous situation we are in today when it comes to the fate of Title IX reforms in federal court.

Prior to Trump’s Title IX reforms, many students and faculty members were subjected to suspension or expulsion without even basic due process. Instead, a single biased university administrator could try and convict an accused student

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