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No, We Won’t Stop Battling Out-of-Control Federal Spending

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) speaks to the news media on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., September 30, 2021. (Leah Millis/Reuters)
But we need your help to keep making the case for a limited government.

If Democrats get their wish and are able to ram through President Biden’s sweeping agenda, they will have passed $6 trillion worth of spending since the start of the year, which follows trillions spent last year in response to the pandemic and lockdowns. As the Left tries to assert that debt doesn’t matter, many of our friends on the right have determined that the spending issue is no longer one worth fighting. Here at National Review, we disagree. Spending trillions we don’t have to create new programs when we cannot even finance existing ones is insanity, and we have not been afraid to say so, repeatedly.

But we need your help to keep making the case for a limited government that lives within its means.

Keeping the lights on here at National Review and publishing the very best writers on topics such as Washington’s spending addiction comes at a cost, which is why we are hoping you will support our ongoing webathon. As Rich pointed out on Monday, this month marks the 25th anniversary of NRO. Throughout that time, we have consistently been a voice of reason when it comes to out-of-control spending, regardless of who has been in power.

During the George W. Bush presidency, we ran articles blasting him for building a fatter welfare state and slammed attempts by administration officials to spin his record. One piece dubbed him the “Mother of All Big Spenders.”

Throughout the Obama and Trump administrations, National Review ran cover stories raising alarms over our looming fiscal crisis.

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But now, the situation has gotten worse. As we have written, Biden’s own budget says his plans would drive debt as a share of the economy to the largest level in American history, surpassing the World War II record. Yet Democrats view the pandemic-era starting point not as a peak, but as something to build on. So they are putting the pedal to the metal.

The level of spending contemplated by Biden Democrats would fundamentally alter the relationship between Americans and the federal government and give Washington more sway over every aspect of people’s lives. And while much of the media have behaved as cheerleaders, we have been willing to state the truth.

Charlie Cooke has detailed the many lies that built the reconciliation bill and emphasized the utter outrageousness of the current enterprise. I have written about how Democrats are even pushing a reckless expansion of Medicare while the program’s trustees warn that the program is facing a looming disaster within five years. We have debunked the absurd claim that a $3.5 trillion bill would actually cost nothing, and we’ve kept the heat on Republicans, urging them to avoid greasing the wheels for Biden’s agenda by falling for his infrastructure charade.

If you, like us, believe in a government of limited size and scope that spends within reason, please consider a donation. Anything helps — it could be $5, $1,000, or whatever else you deem appropriate. We have set a goal of raising $325,000 over the course of the month and are hoping for 2,500 contributors. It’s ambitious, but with your help, we think we can get there.


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