Shuttered Presidential Libraries and Blinkered Museum Trustees

September 28, 2021: Former President Obama unveils the rendering of his new presidential center in Chicago. It looks ugly and, at $830 million, is an example of presidential-library bloat. (Photo: Sebastian Hidalgo/Reuters)
Update on the Wadsworth Atheneum, and federal museums and libraries beset by COVID hysteria and woke poison

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast week, I wrote about the Baltimore Museum of Art’s new racial initiative, which axes its mission as an art museum, and the Met’s newest work of art, a For Sale sign slapped on its vaults. With $4 billion in the bank and an army of fundraisers, you see, it thinks it needs to sell art from its collection to balance its budget.

These aren’t the only places in the country making good museum practices an ugly burlesque.

If there were a class called “Serving the Public 101,” federal museums and America’s presidential museums and libraries would flunk with flying red, white,

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