Snapshots of America

A view of Milwaukee (Jay Nordlinger)
Looking at places east, west, and in between.

A house in West Michigan: stately, proud, lovely.


In Times Square (Manhattan, New York City), a zoomy feeling. (No, not “Zoomy.”)

In the village of Greenport, New York, a tribute or nod to Joe Biden?

Could be extraterrestrial — but is Californian. In the desert.

A cozy string quartet, in Palm Springs:

Lincoln in the Land of Lincoln — looming. (The town is Peoria.)

Not Ford’s latest — but one of its greatest:

Do you have one of these babies guarding your house?

Down by the river — the Illinois River — a tribute to Dan Fogelberg, the singer-songwriter, and a son of Peoria:

Brush up, ladies and gents — it’s Art Fair time in Peoria . . .

A striking and fetching building. Says “Anheuser-Busch” at the top. These days? A drive-through dry cleaner, it appears . . .

I went to see what this marvelous old stone church was — I mean, what denomination it belonged to. Turned out it was a microbrewery and restaurant. A gut-punch.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather churches be ground to dust than that they be converted to secular uses. But this requires an essay, and I’m doing photos and brief captions . . .

This fine-looking building? The old police department, here in Peoria, I gather:

And the new, or newer, PD?

Behold, Minor League Baseball . . .

We may be in the Land of Lincoln, but the other guy — the first guy — gets some action, too:

Back to No. 16:

A sign on a church door. Obviously a “blue state” . . .

The American Countess, pulling out:

If you seek a cozy picnic spot . . .

The variety in this pop machine! Not just Coke and Diet Coke, but Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, and Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper! Plus Mountain Dew and Sprite! Sweet abundance, and a sweet range of choice. Would that it were always so . . .

My sense is, French words work, in advertising, or naming — even if people don’t know what they mean:

How many people get this little bit of wordplay? Also: Does it matter?

On Lake Michigan, in Milwaukee:

Facing away from the lake, toward town:

A view of Milwaukee

Hang on, you want another red lighthouse, this time on the other side of the lake? This is in Grand Haven, Michigan:

Okay, back to Milwaukee — where we have No. 16 again:

Quite possibly the best sign in America. Which you see after screening in the Milwaukee airport. Long live the American vernacular.

A view of Miami, from under a tree:

Cover your ears, children — but you can bet there’s been a lot of congress in the Congress Hotel over the years . . .

Earlier, we saw an old Ford. Here’s some equal time, for Mercedes-Benz:

How ’bout this sweet lil’ trike?

Prefer something bigger, and redder?

A humane reminder:

Over in Dallas — good goin’, Boone:

Grand ideas in one of our palatial supermarkets:

Bless them for the word, and concept of, “10 ish”:

An old Olds — as they all are, because they don’t make ’em anymore . . .

Being on the other political side, I wasn’t a fan of this lady. But this was a bon mot:

Speaking of hair:

Sounds good.

By the way, Ann Richards lived in New York in the last years of her life. I saw her out and about a couple of times. “How’s New York treating you, Governor?” I asked. “Very well,” she answered, in a friendly way.

Back to Dallas: A “bath in every room” must have been such a luxury. And “The pause that refreshes”? One of the greatest advertising slogans of all time . . .

A shot of Central Park:

That was in New York. Central Park in Grand Haven (Michigan)?

Thanks for joining me today, my friends, wherever you are. Have a good one.

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