When Will Someone Hold Human-Rights Hearings on Australia?

Police officers patrol a public transit station in the city center during a lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus in Sydney, Australia, September 30, 2021. (Loren Elliott/Reuters)
The dictatorial COVID protocols Down Under are providing an object lesson in how not to respond to the pandemic — or any crisis.  

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L ast month, Scott Morrison, Australia’s prime minister, told the United Nations that his nation believes in “freedom,” “respecting the rights and freedoms of the individual,” and “the inherent dignity of all people, . . . no matter the circumstances.”

His critics were stunned at the contrast between his lofty words and life today in much of Australia, which Tony Abbott, a former prime minister from Morrison’s own party, has called a “health dictatorship.”

“The prime minister must live in a parallel universe,” former Australian senator David Leyonhjelm tweeted, while another commenter joked that Morrison should have called on the U.N. to “restore

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