Here’s What I Teach Instead of Critical Race Theory

Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. (Isaju/iStock/Getty Images)
CRT defenders say its opponents don’t have anything better to offer. They’re mistaken.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I f the media are to be believed, CRT is just teaching the “history of racism.” If Twitter shock jocks are to be believed, opposition to CRT is tantamount to white nationalism, white-washing history, and depriving our children of learning about the true depravity of America.

Well, I’m against CRT, and I’m a teacher. I’ve written about the ubiquity and radicalism of CRT elsewhere. My intent here is not to discredit CRT directly. Reading CRT scholarship discredits itself. Rather, I present here what I teach to my class to show that accepting CRT and rejecting accurate history is a silly false dichotomy,

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Daniel Buck is a teacher and a senior visiting fellow at the Fordham Institute. His writing can be found at National Review Online, City Journal, and Quillette.


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