It’s Time to Reinvest in American Men

( Leonid Kos/Getty Images)
Men have something unique to offer America, but they are struggling today. And the Left is to blame.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE L iberals and reporters get awfully sensitive when you criticize pornography and video games. They get even more sensitive when you blame modern liberalism for men’s addiction to them.

If these pastimes are so popular, so healthy, so pro-social, why wouldn’t those on the left embrace them?

They won’t because they know the truth: These habits embody the spiritual emptiness that plagues many men in America today. They fill the void left as men have withdrawn from work, family, community, and the task of self-mastery that it was liberalism’s project to discredit and displace.

Liberals refuse to own this misery. Instead, they attack anyone …

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