Disney Panders to Latinos with a Woeful Effort

Encanto (Walt Disney)
Encanto is equally awful whether it’s trying to be funny or exciting or mysterious.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE D isney’s Encanto is so shoddily engineered that I picture marketing executives sitting around telling one another, “Meh, it’s for the Latino market. It doesn’t have to be that good.”

And so it isn’t. A thin story, dull characters, endlessly regurgitated gags, and a general air of pointlessness dog this fantasy about life in an enchanted house in an unspecified Latin country (said to be Colombia in publicity materials). Billed as the 60th feature from Disney Animation Studios, this is bottom-of-the barrel stuff from the Mouse House. Lin-Manuel Miranda, who contributes a slate of thuddingly mediocre songs, is now nearly seven years

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