How Not to Approach Princess Diana

Kristen Stewart in Spencer. (Pablo Larrain/NEON)
Kristen Stewart turns in a terrible performance in the lugubrious drama Spencer.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE I s there anything quite so unfortunate as a movie made by mediocrities trying to win Oscars? Spencer, directed by Pablo Larraín, an extremely earnest Chilean who gave us Jackie, and starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in a performance that practically comes with a neon light blinking “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION” over her head at all times, strikes the same tragic chord over and over again for 116 wretched minutes. “In 1991, Diana was depressed,” this movie tells us in every scene, hoping that the audience will mistake thudding melodrama for seriousness or importance.

Stewart, who is (1) on screen virtually every

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