Practice and Persistence: The Art and Stories of Emily Arnold McCully

(Sarah Schutte)
Young readers will be informed and delighted by these exquisitely illustrated historical tales.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE P icture-book writing is its own art form. Conveying a full idea or story in a limited space has its challenges, and even a well-written tale can flop because of the ill-conceived artwork accompanying it. Emily Arnold McCully understands the importance of this art-and-word pairing, and her books are a wonderful example of the happy marriage that can exist between the two. Add to this mix her meticulous historical research, and you have a winning formula for bringing incredible tales to life for young readers.

If you have heard of McCully before, it’s probably because of her Caldecott Medal–winning book, Mirette on

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Sarah Schutte is the podcast manager for National Review and an associate editor for National Review magazine. Originally from Dayton, Ohio, she is a children's literature aficionado and Mendelssohn 4 enthusiast.


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