The Making of the American Boy

Detail of The Tournament by Ralph Hedley, 1898. (Public domain/Wikimedia)
Father Francis J. Finn’s popular books give us a wonderful picture of a well-ordered American boyhood.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE M y colleagues Charlie Cooke and Alexandra DeSanctis may think they are the reason I like baseball, but in reality, it was Tom Playfair’s doing. Tom Playfair, Percy Wynn, and Harry Dee, that is. And it wasn’t just baseball they brought to life. These fictional heroes and their friends and professors exemplified for me, as a child, courage, studiousness, and kindness, along with a strong sense of humor and a wonderful conviction of faith.

When you cherish a book and its characters deeply, it can be difficult to convey their value to others without slipping into overwrought gushing. Such a display would

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