We Need a Nation of Josephs to Rise from the Ruins of Roe

Detail of St. Joseph with the Infant Jesus, c. 1620s, by Guido Reni. (Public domain/via Wikimedia)
Dobbs is a reminder to the men we need to end the evil of abortion.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O ver the past few weeks, Pope Francis has been pointing to Saint Joseph as a model. It’s the way he’s wrapping up a year with an emphasis on the foster father of Jesus. To have an adoptive father in the news who is good — just — is no small thing at a time when we have some 440,000 children stuck in the foster-care system. It’s also timely with the Mississippi abortion case about to be heard at the Supreme Court. We talk about women when it comes to abortion, as we obviously should, because she is the one who

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