Biden Must Counter Putin’s Ukraine Threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin (center), Chief of the General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov (left), and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu visit the Mulino training ground to observe the Zapad-2021 military exercises in Nizhny, Russia, September 13, 2021. (Sputnik/Sergei Savostyanov/Pool via Reuters)

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE B y all indications, Russia is preparing a winter assault on parts of Ukraine that it left untouched when it annexed the Crimean peninsula and launched a hybrid-warfare campaign against the Eastern Donbas region.

Vladimir Putin and his ideological allies have spent the past several months making the case for absorbing Ukraine. Per the head of Ukraine’s defense-intelligence service, Moscow had, as of mid November, placed some 92,000 troops on its border with Ukraine. That’s fewer than the over 100,000 soldiers it moved there during a similar buildup in the spring, but this time, there’s much more military equipment positioned for a

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