It’s Time for Newspapers to Get Their Fair Share

Newsstand in Seattle, Wash., in 2000. (Reuters)
Big Tech companies are monopolizing papers’ digital-ad revenue. But new litigation offers a chance to even the playing field.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE N ewspapers are finally getting their day in court to recover all the revenue Big Tech companies have been stealing from them. Last week, it was reported that over 200 newspapers have filed lawsuits against Google and Facebook in the past year, alleging that the two firms monopolized digital-ad revenues that would otherwise go to local-news outlets. It is high time these newspapers get compensated fairly for the content that Big Tech has been using to steal their revenue and drive them out of business.

In the last two years, 300 publications have closed, with more than 6,000 journalists axed. Facebook and Google publish

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Clare Morell is a policy analyst at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where she works on the Big Tech Project. She worked in the White House Counsel’s Office and the Justice Department during the Trump administration.


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