Male Swimmer Shattering Records in Female Competition: Why Is This Allowed?

A public swimming pool in Vienna, Austria, May 29, 2020. (Lisi Niesner/Reuters)
When it comes to single-sex sports, male athletes should stay in their lane.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T he New York Times recently reported that “since 2019, nine states — all controlled by Republican lawmakers — have enacted legislation to ban or limit athletic participation by transgender students.” Despite such claims, American legislators are not banning transgender-identifying athletes from competing in sports. What they are trying to do is preserve single-sex teams. If, in this endeavor, the sex a person identifies as is considered irrelevant, it is only because the sex a person identifies as has no bearing on a person’s actual sex.

Take the recent case of Will Thomas, a swimmer for the University of Pennsylvania’s men’s team between 2016

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