Meet the New Twitter Boss, Same as the Old Twitter Boss?

Parag Agrawal speaks at a Google Cloud event in 2018. (Google Cloud/via YouTube)
Twitter’s new CEO is no left-wing ideologue, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stand up to the progressives who want to weaponize the social-media platform further.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE J ack Dorsey is stepping down from his position as CEO of Twitter, which he co-founded with three partners in 2006. The beleaguered Silicon Valley billionaire, a controversial figure among progressives and conservatives alike, released a vague statement on Monday explaining that “now is the right time” for “this company to break away from its founding and founders.” Strikingly, Dorsey neglected to offer any further details as to why he was resigning. But given the increasingly forceful criticism that Twitter’s content-moderation practices have invited from both sides of the ideological aisle — too heavy-handed for the Right, not heavy-handed enough for

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