Spider-Man: No Way Home Is a Fan-Service Boondoggle

Tom Holland and Zendaya in Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Sony Pictures)
Spidey’s return relies on dumb gimmicks, sci-fi gobbledygook, and digital spectacle.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE T hey had a sweet thing going with Spidey and MJ, but no more. The new one should have been called Spider-Man: Homewrecker.

Spider-Man: No Way Home feels as if it was born of writers who tried to cobble together all the “Wouldn’t it be cool if?” ideas they found on some fangirl message board. After the outstanding Spider-Man: Homecoming and the mostly solid Spider-Man: Far from Home, this Spidey loses track of what made the other two efforts shine: It was the charm. The humble setting, the amusingly quirky characterizations, and the funny dialogue all gave us an emotional stake in

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