No, Chris Murphy Doesn’t Have the Votes for a Gun-Control Bill

Senator Chris Murphy (D., Conn.) speaks during a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing in Washington, D.C., January 27, 2021. (Greg Nash/Pool via Reuters)
He knows this and is grandstanding to vilify the filibuster, though Democrats have used it themselves hundreds of times in recent years.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE N ever one to let a tragedy go to waste, Second Amendment antagonist Senator Chris Murphy proposed that the Senate grant unanimous consent on a House gun-control bill (H.R. 8), citing the recent school shooting in Michigan. “I want to tell you why I’m making this request,” he explained on the Senate floor. “I understand the low likelihood of success, but I hope many of my colleagues took a minute to watch the cellphone video from the school shooting in Michigan.”

The cellphone video of the Michigan shooting is gut-wrenching, but Republicans shouldn’t be guilt-tripped into supporting “universal” background checks that have

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