Republicans Don’t Need to Abandon Immigration Hawkishness to Win Hispanics

Demonstrators at an immigration reform rally in Washington, D.C., October 8, 2013. (Jason Reed/Reuters)
The GOP is making gains among Hispanics without liberalizing on issues such as immigration.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F or years, elite conventional wisdom held that Republicans needed to liberalize on immigration to make inroads with Hispanic voters. This theory enjoyed bipartisan support: On the left, John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira’s “emerging Democratic majority” thesis — which Teixeira has since retracted — posited that the growing Hispanic share of the electorate would result in a permanent leftward shift in the nation’s politics. On the right, the RNC’s famous post-2012 “autopsy” called for a softening of the party’s stance on cultural issues to adapt to the country’s changing demographics, particularly with regard to immigration. “Among the steps Republicans take

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