The Failure of ‘Latinx’

Latino leaders and immigration reform supporters gather at the University of Colorado to launch “My Country, My Vote,” a 12-month voter registration campaign to mobilize Colorado’s Latino, immigrant and allied voters, October 28, 2015. (Evan Semon/Reuters)
The vast majority of Latinos dislike the term and have zero interest in being used as pawns by progressives in the culture war.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hat the progressive culture elite wants, it usually gets. Single-sex bathrooms changing overnight to all-gender or non-gender bathrooms? Done. Illegal immigrants becoming known as “undocumented persons”? But of course.

So when it was decided in the precincts of fashionable opinion that the term “Latino” would be retired in favor of “Latinx,” one could have been forgiven for thinking that this hideous neologism would, like so much else in American life, go from a fringe cause to mainstream soon enough.

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Latinx ascendancy — Latinos have rejected the term, at the same time that

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