The Tragedy of Portland: ‘It’s a Ghost Town, Except for Zombies’

A fire burns on the street during protests after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict in Portland, Ore., November 19, 2021. (Social Media/Grace Morgan/via Reuters)
A once great American city has become something short of a dystopia, where shop owners sleep with shotguns and citizens must act as police.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE F or seven months, Dylan Carrico Rogers slept in his bike shop with a shotgun. TriTech Bikes, located in the Montavilla neighborhood of northeast Portland, Ore., where Rogers grew up, had been battered by three break-ins, two nearby shootings, and countless instances of vandalism. Portland’s serially understaffed police force was nowhere to be found. And in the face of $25,000 of stolen bike parts, TriTech’s insurance company was ready to jump ship. “They said, ‘if you claim another one, we’re just gonna drop you,’” Rogers told National Review. “So I’m paying $1,200 every three months to be told that I have

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