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The New York Stock Exchange (adrian825/Getty Images)
A multi-dimensional assault on American ideals will require an intellectual and multi-dimensional defense.

When National Review Institute first became inspired to launch its National Review Capital Matters endeavors — a vigorous and serious defense of the free enterprise system and the financial markets that undergird it — I knew that many ideas pivotal to the economic dimension of the American experiment were under assault. I did not know how pervasive those ideas were becoming, nor how integrated the ideas attacking the economic dimension were with attacks on the cultural, civic, and political dimensions.

Progressivism and its numerous cousins are formidable, unrelenting, and not content to merely win political victories. They want to win in academia, in the arts, in Silicon Valley, in pop culture, and yes, on Wall Street, too. And a multi-dimensional assault on American ideals will require an intellectual and multi-dimensional defense. National Review Institute is up for that task.

The Capital Record podcast has quickly become one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the sphere of business and finance. Not content to merely commentate on news events of the day, we delve into the great foundational truths that underlie free markets and challenge listeners with a vast array of topics and applications. Guests have included some of the top hedge fund managers, macroeconomists, and policymakers in the country, and the substantial (and growing!) audience is receiving a deep dive each and every week into monetary policy and economic questions that matter.

The Capital Record podcast, the entire National Review Capital Matters endeavor, and the variety of platforms and disciplines that National Review Institute has taken on are all part of the cultural battle of the day — to present and defend a case for ordered liberty. We live in times where neither order nor liberty are held in high regard. A thriving civilization depends on both, and the National Review Institute is a defender of a thriving civilization.

Our ask this holiday season is for your support as we engage this battle, develop content that transcends click-bait and talking points, and bring our content and mission to college campuses, conferences, and programs around the country. I have seen first-hand the benefits of how our project is informing, motivating, and enlightening thousands of people in the cause of free enterprise.

Support us to extend this effort and serve at the vanguard of the cause that most animates us today — defending the American experiment we hold dear.


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