Two Urgent Tax Proposals for 2022

Worker on a Polaris ATV assembly line at the company’s manufacturing and assembly plant in Roseau, Minn., June 7, 2021. (Dan Koeck/Reuters)
These bipartisan tax provisions could help buoy the economy.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W ith the Build Back Better Act thankfully dead (fingers crossed!), lawmakers need to make a better list of legislative priorities for the new year that will actually improve Americans’ lives. Congress can start with the tax code, where expiring tax provisions are poised to kneecap the post-pandemic economic recovery. Extending these tax provisions on a bipartisan basis would provide a better framework for future U.S. tax-reform efforts, and it would provide investors and businesses greater certainty to invest in the future.

The No. 1 priority for Congress in 2022 should be to continue to allow research-and-development costs to be fully written

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Travis Nix is a Young Voices contributor and a student at Georgetown Law. His tax and economic commentary has been featured in Fox News, National Review, the Washington Examiner and the Chicago Tribune, among other publications.


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