Grove City College’s Supposed ‘Wokeness’

Grove City College in Grove City, Pa. (Grove City College/Facebook)
Recent criticism of the college rests on fallacious arguments and overblown claims.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE O n November 10, a petition emerged online alleging that Grove City College, a Christian and historically conservative institution in western Pennsylvania, was being threatened by critical race theory. The petition cites a 2020 presentation by author Jemar Tisby, a single elective course offered at the college, and questionable statements allegedly made by GCC’s director of multicultural initiatives as tantamount to “threatening the academic and spiritual foundations that make the school distinctly Christian.”

The petition gained hundreds of signatures, and the issue garnered coverage from American Reformer and The Daily Wire, as well as a plethora of articles and YouTube videos, all

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Isaac Willour is a journalist for The College Fix and an editor for the Grove City College Journal of Law & Public Policy.


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