How Republicans Can Outflank Chuck Schumer

Left: Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks to reporters on Capitol Hill, October 26, 2021. Right: Senator Mitch McConnell speaks to reporters, June 2, 2020. (Elizabeth Frantz, Erin Scott/Reuters)
Mitch McConnell appears to realize the advantages of Electoral Count Act reform.

NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE R eforming the Electoral Count Act of 1887 is not just good policy, it would be excellent politics for Republicans. That is why I have argued previously for ECA reform, and why National Review has editorialized in favor of it. The behavior this week of Chuck Schumer and his party’s chief lawyer, Marc Elias, shows that leading Democrats understand that a bipartisan ECA-reform bill would be bad news for them. Now, Mitch McConnell and John Thune are beginning to sound as if they grasp this reality, too. Senate Republicans should seize this opportunity, promote a standalone ECA-reform bill, and watch Democrats

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